Dirty Shoes Martini by Mimmo Cangiano Belcuore

Designing shoes is an interesting activity, not as much as designing cocktails though. Giovanni Pellone has created three new dirty Martini at our first event in Tokyo Omotesando, 

Dirty Vodka Martini / vodka, vermouth, green olives brine (classic)
Dirty Mexican / vodka, vermouth, jalapeño brine (spicy)
Dirty French / vodka, vermouth, cornichon brine
Dirty Japanese /vodka, vermouth, soy sauce (shot)

After a bite of crispy biscotti, a sip of martini we started to try some shoes on.

Download the full menu here

Martini design /  Giovanni Pellone  | www.giovannipellone.com
PR & Marketing  /  bluedelphia | www.bluedelphia.com
Event space /  CTW Omotesando  |  www.ctw.co.jp
Photography / Teruyuki Yoshimura teruyuki.yoshimura@facebook.com
Special guest / Jack Mclean |  jackmclean.com
Special guest / Marc Nishi |  www.panzerotteria.com

The Valencia wedding by Mimmo Cangiano Belcuore


Last spring we had the chance to create some shoes for an amazing couple Carlos and Rui and experience their wedding through the eyes of Ryan Bruss (photographer).

Valencia is home to a wealth of elegant art nouveau buildings that line the streets, as well as Gothic and Renaisssance monuments.

In this fantastic environment that lay between the old striking architecture and beautiful modern dwellings, the celebrations started and echoed in all town. 

Valencia is the Spain’s third-largest city, rich of dynamic museums, a flourishing restaurant scene, lively nightlife, great shops and miles of beach, Valencia is truly one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities.


A special thanks to Carlos and Rui, we wish you all the best.

Photography / Ryan Bruss www.ryanbruss.com