We Can Fly

Domenik Belcuore presents

it’s an ongoing project that will explore cities, people and know-hows across cultural journeys through urban land- scapes made of real people that every day pursue a re- search for beauty in Art, Music, Design and Science.

These people are those that encourage us to make what we do. We would like to inspire others to these models and val- ues witch are embedded in the lives we will captures through interviews, video and audio projects. 

Jack and Sachiko is the first project part of this vision.

Subject | Arata Mori, Mimmo Cangiano Belcuore
Director / Editor | Arata Mori
Photography | Teruyuki Yoshimura
Make-up | Asami Horie

Artist | Jack Mclain 
Artist | Sachiko Fukuda (UMEZ)

Special thanks to:
Eiji Hase | Nam Gallery
Sebastian de Goeji / Translations
Jay Tamago-Yaki Horinouchi / Transcript